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Hell Hath No Fury Like
Devils Hockey
Over the years, things have never come easy for the New Jersey
Devils, from the dismal first years as the Kansas City Scouts, to the
turbulent and financially unstable years as the Colorado Rockies,
and of course, every year the team has played in the Garden State,
winning OR losing.

Obviously, no franchise is gonna start off at the top, but being part
of an expansion that was labelled a failure? Doom to the Scouts.

Things do get better on the ice slightly after a couple years, but was
it enough to compensate for a revolving door in coaching and even
as far up as ownership of the team? Doom to the Rockies.

Once in New Jersey, though, things would get better on ice and off.
Not without its hurdles to jump over, though. Like paying nearby
teams for "invading," being billed a Mickey Mouse organization,
consistently fading in midseason.

One miraculous season and playoff run brought on new hurdles,
such as a first taste of bad officiating, then later being Mario
Lemieux's doormat, being snakebitten by a guarantee that was
made, and a threat to be moved once again; to Nashville this time.

But every year the Devils had played in New Jersey, the team had
gotten better. Every year the Devils had played in New Jersey, the
organization strove to make it a better place to play. Every year the
Devils played in New Jersey, a new hurdle was put in place to keep
the Devils down, but every year, they find a way to go over it.

People call it "Devils vs. the World." While it still holds true to an
extent today, one thing rings true: the Devils have built themselves
a consistent winner on the ice, and a class organization off the ice.
These days, the world knows one thing...

Hell hath no fury like Devils hockey.

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