The walkway outside parallel to Mulberry Street leading up to the box office. This
view is from the Upper Concourse.

The Upper Concourse is no different from the Grand Concourse, really, as far as
things to see there. Yup, they even have a row of jerseys along one of the walls, as

I think these jerseys are for the state's junior teams, because one of them is a
Devils jersey. (4th from right) I mean, it's not uncommon to call a team the "Junior
(insert NHL team name)s."
There's a little bit of wall art, too, not only tributing the Devils, but tributing the
Seton Hall Pirates, the other tenant of the Rock, as well.
But I've noticed that the things up on this level were a little more interactive. By
that, I mean games.

This one stood out especially. Just try and score on Brodeur. (And we all know
that it's harder than I make it sound. lol)
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I would have liked to have tried this, but the line was already long by the time I
found it, and it was getting close to game time.