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As soon as you walk into the door, you know hands down whose house this is. :)

There's a touch of the present in there, obviously with some of the wall work.

That locker room setup on the bottom right. Now that's WAY cool.
But also, the team's exhibits also represent their years as the Kansas City Scouts
(bottom left jersey) and the Colorado Rockies (bottom right jersey). Their history
is just as important a part of the Devils history as is June 1995, among other times.
As well as professional hockey in New Jersey, such as this exhibit paying tribute to
the Newark Bulldogs, the first ever professional hockey team in the state.

The Bulldogs only played one season in the Canadian-American Hockey League,
though. Way back in 1928-29.
I'll even throw in a special attraction for everybody. The Cup and the Vezina on
display opening night.
I know, that's a lot of time elapsed for the city not to have a pro team. They did,
however, have a semi-pro team in the 70s, the Newark Brewers, that was owned
by the Ballentine Brewing Company.