Aside from the usual arena stuff of food vendors and Devils Den stores, the grand
concourse has numerous items on display, such as the mock-up overhead
scoreboard shown above.

Among the exhibits are the high school jerseys hanging all along the walkway.
It's basically a reflection of what hockey has meant to New Jersey since the Devils
moved there and how it has grown.
Every year since 1995, the Devils have hosted and sponsored the New Jersey State
Interscholastic Athletic Association State Championships. It was that year that the
NJSIAA had split the championship classes into Public and Parochial schools.
Beginning in 2007-08, the Public class was divided into Public A and Public B.
As of 2007-08, there were 118 member schools of the NJSIAA. And how they're
divided into their leagues and divisions is 1: by region, and 2: similar to how
European soccer leagues operate in who plays in the top division, the middle
division, and the bottom division. (Meaning the winner of the middle division
would be promoted to the top division for the following year to replace the last
place team.)

I would be there all day, though, to try and get pics of all 118 jerseys (or more)
hanging there, though. :)
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So I make another trip down there. lol
As an added touch for opening night, a giant puck was on display for everybody
that was in attendance to sign. That puck is still on display on the concourse.

I signed it in the middle area above the logo. I've had trouble finding it, but if you
ever felt impulsive to look, I also wrote "Go go black and red." I had the Dropkick
Murphys on my mind at the time.