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Yup, food makes all the difference at a game. It's an impressive menu that the
vendors and the restaurant have there.

...Sushi at a sporting venue. Newark is now on par with LA.
You can find a whole slew of 7th City Grills all around the arena. The one pictured
below (near section 11) had chicken cheesesteaks on the menu for opening night.
Man, was that good. Mainly, they serve your arena staples like hot dogs, burgers,

Not far from here was a Mrs. Fields' stand. Yup. Cookies. Had to go for it my
second trip down there.
A couple other notable places include On The Boardwalk (left below is the outlet
on the Upper Concourse.), a trubite to Atlantic City both in name and in the food
they serve like cheesesteaks and zeppoles, and Taste of Newark (below right is the
outlet also on the Upper Concourse.), named after a local food and wine festival
that's held every September.
But these kinds of things are for the working stiffs like me. :P I did mention that
there is a restaurant (The Acela Club) inside the Rock. (Sorry, don't have a picture
of that. I did read that the buffet is of good quality, though.) They also have 3 bars:
the Fire Lounge, located on the penalty box side of the center ice seats, the Ice
Lounge, located on the bench side in the same general location, and the Goal Bar,
located above the "Devils Attack Twice" zone goal, basically the side farthest away
from where you enter the arena. (Again, I have no pictures of those.)

For the first season, during the second intermission of each home game, Chico
Resch did a segment on the various food vendors and items all around the Rock.
"Chico Eats" has reached cult status with us fans. There's even a T-shirt out for it


Anyone up for nachos, Chico Eats style?