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If you've read the Grand Concourse page already, you've heard me reference the
Devils Den already. Those are just what I call the satellite stores. This is THE
store. It's located on street level near the Mulberry and Edison intersection, right
next door to the box office and the PNC Bank Tower.

It looks pretty nice inside.
The Devils Den used to be just the online store once upon a time. With the
opening of the Rock, though, that all changed.
The store has the usual stuff that you would see on the online store, or even the
store at Although I've never seen the online store sell media guides like
they do here.

Yup, normal T-shirts, hats, jerseys, pucks, collectibles, etc.

I know you're asking "
normal T-shirts?" That's because I would consider T-shirts
that say "Rock Your Red" and "We know where she stands" with a picture of the
Statue of Liberty on it as special buys.
I don't know what the other arenas do as far as selling jerseys go, but here, you
can buy one and have it customized on site. I would have gotten a picture of
someone iron pressing (Is that what the process is called?) a jersey, but the
equipment is in a back room. Safety first, after all.