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A nice little touch with what's on display inside the Rock is some murals painted by
a bunch of local artists, which can be found all around the concourses and hallways.
One of the more notable pieces inside is the one of all the Devils greats over the
years at the bench, including all 3 Stanley Cup winning coaches. (see below)
Currently, this area is set up with a piece of board so that fans can stand behind it
and have their picture taken with the greats.
And even more notable is a giant mural above the Devils Den satellite store outside
the Ice Lounge, a compilation of notable New Jersey sports figures with some
notable New Jersey landmarks.

Of course, you gotta include Scott Stevens in such a mural.
And yes, Marty, too, in between tennis player Althea Gibson and Richie Regan of
Seton Hall.
And Daneyko? Absolutely, just past Tony Meola.
You'll also notice some Newark landmarks in the background of the mural, such as
the Prudential building, a merry-go-round, and so on.