Original bio courtesy of NewJerseyDevils.com. (The current one, which is what's
linked, is revised and MUCH briefer.)

The first portion of N.J.'s bio just recounts the legend, so I'll pick up from the last part.

"In 1993 Continental Airlines Arena received numerous reports of a large "red" figure
perched high in the catwalk. This "red" figure was said to be wearing a hockey jersey
and tossing peanut shells down on the people sitting in the stands. Upon further
investigation, the reports were confirmed and this "Red" figure was approached by
Security for a ticket stub. To everyone's surprise the figure revealed himself as the
legendary "New Jersey Devil". He confessed that he was a huge hockey fan that
would like to sit in a real seat rather than on the cold, catwalk steel. Since that night,
the New Jersey Devil, a once-feared piece of New Jersey history, has been dancing in
the stands, skating on the ice, and cheering for the team as the New Jersey Devils
number one fan!"

Considering that his alleged home is the Blue Hole, you'd think he'd be used to the
cold by now. :)
Height: 7 feet (with the horns)
Weight: "600 hockey pucks" (At least they
didn't list the metric conversion)
Born: October, 1735 in the Pine Barrens
Shoots: Right
Fast Facts
-Playing hockey, and teaching others how to
play (better than scaring the hell out of
-Winning the Stanley Cup
-High Fives
-Helping the community (That's right. He
makes many public appearances in this
-Birds that can't fly. (Reference to the
-Philly cheese steaks (Reference to the
-Big apples (Reference to the Rangers.)
-Bodies of land surrounded by water.
(Reference to the Islanders.)
-Cajun Devil Nuts from the Newark Nut
-Mrs. Fields' cookies (I've had these. Good
-Anything from Tastes of Newark
Fave Foods
-Jerry Lewis (I'm guessing in part for his
-Shaquille O'Neal
-Joe Pesci
-Queen Latifah (Newark local!!! lol)
Fave Celebs
-The Devil's Advocate
-Devil in a Blue Dress
-Little Nicky

Gee, I wonder why. lol
Fave Movies
-The Devil Inside by INXS
Running With The Devil by Van Halen
Shout At The Devil by Motley Crue
Devil in Disguise by Elvis Presley (Doesn't
sound like the name of an Elvis song to me.)
Sympathy For The Devil by The Rolling
Fave Songs
3 Words used to describe N.J.


The same can be said for most of us.
3 Words
Little known facts about N.J.

-Learned to dance from his mother. (Must've
been a quick lesson, and I'm citing the legend
for this comment.)
-Besides hockey, his fave game is Charades.
(I would also think a couple PS games, like
Jersey Devil and Devil May Cry... and even
Guitar Hero 3. The devil appears there, too.)
Little Known
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