Background Music: Running With The Devil by Van Halen
Out of the Pine Barrens
Comes a Legendary
The Devils took a second stab at having a mascot in 1993
when they introduced N.J. Devil to the hockey world.
They played up on the mythical Jersey Devil in creating

Well, it's definitely better than a walking puck named Slap
Shot that gropes everyone.
N.J. does just what a mascot should do. Run through the
crowd, high-five the fans, dance around, entertains the
fans, either right on the spot or on the ice during the
intermissions, etc. etc. You know. The usual mascot
It's also not uncommon for N.J. to make public
appearances, usually at fan gatherings and charity events.

But just what IS the story behind the legendary mascot?

I guess that's what this section is for.