A changing of the guard began in May, 2015, when Lou Lamoriello announced that Shero would be
taking over as the Devils' general manager. He probably could have named David Conte or his son Chris
as his successor, but he has known Shero for a long time from their work together for USA Hockey.

He's been around hockey all his life, being the son of a former NHL coach (Fred Shero), having played
the game himself (for St. Lawrence University, was also a Kings' draftee in 1982), and later becoming
a sports agent before stepping in on the managerial side in 1993 as an assistant GM for the Ottawa

He became a household name when he was hired as the Penguins' GM in 2006. A lot of people have
said, "heh Anybody can build a winning team when they already have Crosby and Malkin." Uh, no.
That's not giving him enough credit for bringing in the right players to complement the two superstars
and be competitive, and ultimately getting that championship in 2009. It's still a team sport, you know.

After that championship, though, the story went "successful regular seasons, disappointing postseasons"
for 5 years. The last year, where the Penguins' blew a 3-1 series lead to the Rangers to ultimately lead to
elimination, proved fatal for Shero's job security.

With the new hiring, Shero's task is clear to me, and one with a term that Lamoriello would never use
while he was with the team: the Devils are in rebuild mode. I would even say that it's not just the on-ice
product that needs a shakeup; a culture change behind the scenes was also needed, as the old way grew
stale towards the end.

Going for the silver (the Stanley Cup) takes time.
Rejean Shero
Born: 7.28.62 St. Paul, Minnesota
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