McNab had grown with a reputation of being a great hockey mind when he had been behind the bench
and in the front office for teams in the Central Hockey League and with the Washington Capitals.

In 1983, with a tarnished reputation, that's exactly what the Devils needed... Well, they needed to build a
team basically from scratch, really, and that's the approach McNab took.

And with the teams being so bad that they consistently got lottery picks out of it, he was able to draft
well, with the biggest prize coming in 1984, when he chose Kirk Muller with the #2 pick in that draft.

His biggest accomplishment was building a goaltending factory, mostly through the draft with the likes
of Craig Billington, Kirk McLean, and Sean Burke. I don't list Chris Terrreri, who played his part in
the depth at goal, because he was drafted by Billy MacMillan in 1983.

The end result was even though still no playoffs, the Devils did get progressively better each year.

He was also a senior VP for the team, a job he kept when Lou Lamoriello came in and took over the GM
post in 1987. McNab would hold that job until he retired in 1994.

He would win the Lester Patrick Trophy, awarded by USA Hockey and the NHL, in 1998.

He would suffer a stroke in 2007, which lead to his death.
Max Douglas McNab
Born: 6.21.24 Watson, Saskatchewan
Died: 9.2.07 Las Vegas, Nevada
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