The world's most famous trophy, and what every hockey player at a
young age dreams of winning.

It is awarded to the league champions.

History of the trophy: The Cup was a gift from Lord Frederick Stanley,
the Earl of Preston, at the time the acting Governor General of Canada, in
the spring of 1892 for all Amateur Athletic Associations throughout
Canada to compete for on a yearly basis. It was originally called the
Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup, and the original Cup, a silver 7.5" x
11.5" cup, only cost about $50.

It was established with the following provisos:
-The winners must return the Cup to the appointed trustees in good order
when required so that it may be presented to any other team that wins it.
-Each winning team will have their names and year they won engraved on
a silver ring fitted on the Cup.
-It is to remain a challenge cup and is not the property of any one team,
no matter how often they win it.
-The trustees maintain absolute authority over any situations or disputes
involving the winner of the Cup.
-Should a trustee leave their position, a substitute trustee shall be named.

It would remain an amateur championship until the establishment of the
short-lived National Hockey Association in 1909. The National Hockey
League would be formed and start competing for the Cup with the other
leagues across Canada in 1917, and would retain exclusive rights to the
competition of the Cup in 1926 after the folding of the Pacific Coast
Hockey Association.
Years the Devils won the Stanley Cup, and the team they've defeated:
Detroit Red Wings
Dallas Stars
Anaheim Mighty Ducks